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Moving Day

For the past couple of years I have been trying to make my website mobile friendly.  It never worked.  So this year I told myself that I was going to create a whole new website and it is done, YAY.  The new website has allowed me to put everything in one place, including my blog and a shopping cart.  So I am moving off of WordPress to my new site.  The main website location is the same – and the blog is located at  I’ve moved all of the old posts there although not all of the earlier photos seem to have moved.

Please come check it out and reset your links and feeds to the new location.

Vacation and new images

Well I’m back from vacation and I have a lot of new images to show you plus a couple trail reports.  We went to Blowing Rock, North Carolina and then vacationed from home for a few days.  We only tried one trail in Blowing Rock – Richland Rd.  We hit a really rough rocky spot on the trail and after going through a couple of difficult areas Clif decided that 1) We were alone – we had already been told by the Jeep Shop (RubiTrux) that if the Jeep became disabled to not leave it alone because there was a good chance it would get stripped – Yikes.  2) We had no cell phone coverage. 3) Even if we had cell phone coverage we had no one that we could call for help and 4) We were way past the point AAA was going to come and get us out.  Clif tried to turn around but there was no room so he decided that he would back up.  I got out of the Jeep for this – someone had to be available to walk out and call 911 if anything went wrong.  So I alternately prayed and took photographs.

We did do other things though, took a hike, and went canoeing on a lake as well as getting up early for sunrise photographs.  We drove over the viaduct.  I’ve always wanted to see it but my previously mentioned fear of heights would not let me drive over it.  So Clif drove over it.  It’s pretty cool.  We also visited the Blowing Rock.  I did overcome my fear of heights to sit on top of it and get my picture taken.

I did get a lot of photographs.  I’m leaving for a show in Pittsburgh tomorrow so I haven’t gotten a chance to work on all of them but I have printed and framed four for the booth and they are also available from my website. –


Richland road in reverse


Underneath the viaduct


Me on Blowing Rock


Orange Reflection


Green Reflection


Sky Tree


Mountain Clouds

New images and an update on the cats


Mountain Grass 1, Mountain Grass 2, and Mountain Grass 3

Above are my newest images.  They can be hung individually or as a triptych.  The original image was taken in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia.  They will be debuting at my next show in Long Beach Island, New Jersey on July 23 – 24.  These were created from a photograph I took some time ago.  The weather just has not cooperated with me lately for photo expeditions so I started going through old images.  They are up on my website now.

We have a new outdoor cat.  It’s a sad story though.  I may have talked about Tuxie before.  He used to hang out with Blackie and Morris when Morris was alive but has been scarce the last year or so.  There is another person on my street who feeds the cats.  I think Nosey technically was hers.  Nosey would always have breakfast at my place and then I would see him going through the woods to her house at lunch time.  Every once in a while Tuxie would show up but not very often.  The last couple weeks Tuxie has been showing up every day and I found out that his person passed away.  He’s a cute little guy, a tuxedo (obviously) with a black spot on his chin that looks like he has a beard.  He’s a little skittish.  I can pet him on his back but when I do he gives me a look like – “you touched me!?”


Year of No Fear – Part 1

Well the first challenge of the year of no fear is over and I survived and prospered.  I drove the seven hours to South Carolina, navigated the streets of Greenville, and got my display up and down and traveled home with significantly less inventory.  I am looking forward to the rest of the year.  Next up are two fairly easy shows, Art in the Park at Gypsy Hill in Staunton, Virginia and Arts in the Middle in Urbanna, Virginia.  I’ve never done Arts in the Middle before but it is close to home and looks to be an easy setup.  I’ve done Art in the Park at Gypsy Hill several times and it is a nice laid back show that is very enjoyable to do.

It has been a hectic two weeks getting ready for the next shows.  I no longer have enough of the old frames (discontinued back in January by the manufacturer) for the verticals.  The verticals often sell together in groupings so I want to keep them in the same frames.  So I have now switched the old frames to the horizontals and put the verticals in the new frame.  Which means in the last two weeks I have reframed or framed, for the ones that sold, every single piece in my inventory.  Very important – if you have a piece or pieces that you want to add to and they are in the old slanted frame get in touch with me as soon as possible.  I am keeping some of the old frames aside for people that want to add pieces but they will go fast.

I do have some shows to add to my schedule.  I have been accepted into the Alexandria Art Festival on September 17 – 18 and making my second trip to Long Beach Island in New Jersey for Loveladies on July 23 – 24.  My last trip to LBI was on the tails of tropical storm Andrea so I’m hoping the weather will be a little better this time.

I haven’t gotten any new images lately.  I did go out one morning but the weather forecast called for fog and no rain and I got no fog and plenty of rain.  I do have some opportunities coming up though so stay tuned.

Art Shows 2016

It’s here soon!  Art show season 2016 is about to begin.  This coming weekend (April 16 – 17) I will be in Arlington, Virginia for the 4th Annual Arlington Festival of the Arts.  The following weekend (April 23 – 24) I return to Fairfax Corner for the Fairfax Corner Art Festival.  It is under a new promoter this year so it will be interesting to see what has changed.  I haven’t been to Fairfax Corner since 2013 so I am looking forward to it.

The following weekend (April 30 – May 1) I return to Richmond Art in the Park in my same location booth 81.  Then I get a week of rest and catching up before I go to Greenville, South Carolina for Artisphere (May 13 – 15).  I’m really excited for my first visit to Artisphere.  This is a really hard show to get into and also the furthest I have gone from home for a show since I moved to Virginia.

I haven’t heard from Art in the Park at Gypsy Hill in Staunton yet but I’m hoping to be there over Memorial Day weekend (May 28 – 29).  Next up is my first visit to Arts in the Middle in Urbanna, Virginia (June 4 – 5).

I get a couple weekends off and then I am off to Virginia Beach (June 16 – 19).  I both love and hate this show.  The setup is awful if it is hot and every year on Wednesday when I set up I wonder – why did I do this to myself again?  But visitors and artists come from all over for this show and I get a chance to see and catch up with people I haven’t seen since the year before.  Last year I found a great place that has all you can eat crab legs and I’m looking forward to visiting again.

I have a couple applications out for July but my next confirmed show is August 13 in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.  And then I go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the first time to the Shadyside Art Festival on Walnut St. (Aug 27 – 28)

There will be a lot more shows added for September and October but since I won an award at the Virginia Fall Foliage Art Festival (Oct 8 – 9) I will definitely be there.

I’ll keep you posted as shows get added.

The Year of No Fear

Well I didn’t get into State College, also known as the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, and as I wrote on Facebook I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved.  It is a hard show to do with 4 days of long hours but it is a good show so I guess I am disappointed.  I was also a little scared of doing it since I would be doing it alone so I’m relieved as well.  More disappointed than relieved since I decided last year around November that this is The Year of No Fear.

When I first started doing art shows I would go anywhere within reason that would have me.  It was scary but I did it anyway.  And there were some disasters.  I learned not to go out for dinner with friends the night before a Saturday morning setup.  Going to bed at 10 and getting up at 3AM makes for a hard setup and a long day.  I learned that a lot of shows say setup starts at 1PM but it really starts much earlier and if I get there at 1PM I’m not going to find any parking.  I survived the Gasparilla setup disaster of 2010.  I learned that when a show offers artist parking in a very busy city for $25, that doesn’t mean it is close and that $25 is $25 / day.  I learned that some hotels don’t have flat parking and that the van doesn’t always fit in their garage (and some hotels don’t care) I have actually paid more for my van to park than I have paid for a hotel.  I was fearless and naïve.

I changed things around and I learned to cope.  I learned how to set up in an exactly 10’ by 10’ booth space.  I learned to make refundable reservations and not use Priceline for city shows.  I learned that if you want a particular hotel you make the reservation when you apply not when you are accepted.  I learned that a lot of hotels have no idea how tall their garage is.   I found a nice set of shows near me that were easy to do and could be counted on to bring in a reasonable amount of sales.  Which meant I got complacent.  I wasn’t trying new shows and I got scared.

So this is The Year of No Fear.  I have applied to ten stretch shows this year.  I have been accepted into three and rejected from three and four are still outstanding.  If the weather holds it’s going to be a good year.