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New Kitten

July 20, 2020

I don’t know if I wrote it here but in March my very favorite loving cat Tank passed away. Immediately afterward my husband said – We have enough cats. A couple weeks later I mentioned that I would really like a ginger kitten. I’ve had several ginger cats over the years but only temporarily. There was the one that I kept for my friends while they moved to the west coast. That cat was very cool but too soon I had to put him on a plane to go to his family. Then there was the friendly feral that I fed in Florida. He was too old to be tamed in a house that already had two cats. I did hook him up with a rescue organization who would neuter him and get him a proper home.

The last and saddest was Morris who was apparently dumped near our house in Virginia. He was the friendliest cat to people but he hated other male cats. He had obviously been loved at one time. Anybody who came to the house could go out and be warmly welcomed by Morris but he attacked other cats. He needed to be neutered and I made arrangements for it hoping he would calm down. Unfortunately the vet found that he was too sick to be nuetered, was FIV positve, and going blind from being in so many fights. I couldn’t bring him in and I couldn’t in good conscience let him back outside. Most of my neighbors appear to be cat lovers but I am the only one (weird, non-rural brought up, person) who keeps their cats inside. His ashes are buried in the garden underneath his own azelea bush.

I let go of having a new kitten. Four cats really is a lot of cats to care for. and then my husband sends me this:

It was 4:15. By 5:30 I had gone to the shelter, filled out the paperwork and was bringing home Oliver.


He’s very sweet and is fitting in well with the others.

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