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June 5, 2020

I’ve been working on a blog all day about recent events and failing miserably except to realize how priveleged and ignorant I am of the challenges facing my black friends and all black people.

A friend got this from another friend of hers and it is perfect for what I want to say. If anyone knows who to attribute this saying to please let me know.

allyship is a love language.

it says:

tell me what you need. i don’t know what to

do or what to say but i am here. at the ready.

willing. no criticism, no judgment. if you tell

me to do nothing i will do nothing. if you tell

me to speak i will lift my voice even if the

wrong things come out. no more will i be idle.

no more will i watch you suffer. i am with you.

here to listen. here to fight. here to shoulder

and make up for battles i have missed. i may

be late but that won’t happen again. standing.

holding. bleeding. mobilizing. unpacking my

own biases. my own privilege. full time, i will

learn. unlearn. disrupt systems of power if

you will have me. or not. i’m doing the work.

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