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The Virtual Booth

May 21, 2020

Since it looks like at least two of my shows this year are going to be virtual here is my booth that you would have seen at the show.

Young Orange, Old Orange, Windblown Orange and Through the Woods

Young Orange and Windblown Orange are new this year and I think they make a great orange fall grouping together with Old Orange.

Blue Sky Yellow and Puffs in Yellow

These two are both new this year. There are also some yellows down below with the backup pieces. As always, if you are looking for a grouping and want to mix and match different pieces let me know and I will be glad to send you a thumbnail of what your choices will look like together.

Fall Green, Fall Vista, Horizon, New Grass, Summer Stream, Fall Stream, Winter Stream

Thre three horizontals are new and the four verticals are an old favorite grouping that I decided to bring back for a year. They are trees and a stream for every season.

Distant Mountains, Elephant and Tree, Sky Tree, Blue Fog, Uplift.

Distant Mountains and Elephant and Tree are part of a new style that I am playing with. There is also a third in this style in the backup pieces and a fourth on the website. Uplift is also a new addtion to my blue pieces. Ask me about other possiblities for a blue or blue and orange grouping.

Cades Cove Sunrise, Winter Reflection, Perfect Light and Snowstorm Travel in 8″ x 12″ canvas gallery wrap. Looking Up and HIllside Trees.

Canvas gallery wraps are available in many sizes in both standard and panorama format. Looking Up and HIllside Trees were new last year.

Sunlit Leaves, Early Morning Fog, Green Dance, and Fall Glass.

Fall Glass is new this year. There are several other green images available for a green grouping.

Foggy Day on the Farm, Lone Tree Sunrise, Mountain Clouds, Yellow Splash, Solitude, and Three Trees

This year I had several exhibitions cancelled and I had a very good fall photo trip which left me with more than the normal backup pieces. Three Trees and Solitude are new this year. They are additional possibilites for a yellow grouping.

Dancing in the Light, Color in the Fog, Intertwined, and Meadow Tree

Dancing in the Light and Color in the Fog are possiblities for a blue and orange grouping. Intertwined is a possibility for a green grouping and Meadow Tree is an additional black and white.

One of the advantages of a virtual show is that you are not limited to what I have with me. The whole website is open to you. After each virtual show in a particular location closes I will make a trip to a central spot near the location of the physical show to deliver framed pieces. Canvas gallery wraps and prints will be shipped directly. Special pricing applies to groupings. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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