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June 18, 2020

Anyone else having trouble with doing anything at this time. I’m not talking about you who have jobs especially essential ones. I’m talking about people who are stuck at home with no place to go. People whose big outing of the week is the grocery store. People like me with no art festivals to go to.

Every once in a while I get a burst of energy and do something but most days I have been sitting down in front of the computer in the morning to check the mail, deciding to play one game of solitaire and finding myself still sitting there at 3:00.

And I feel so much better when I stay busy. So I started a new plan with Outlook as my best friend. I live by appointment reminders especially now when the days tend to merge into one another.

So every Monday several reminders come up. Clean one room (3 reminders), take pictures, yardwork, and drive van. Then there are daily reminders to exercise and shower. It feels good to check things off. Of course, for taking pictures, the weather report immediately reported rain all week and since my husband is off tomorrow so that means yardwork today was the day to take pictures.

I got myself out of bed and ready to go in time for sunrise which didn’t really happen. The sun came up but there was no real indication except for it got lighter. I did get one image that I like though despite the gray sky. It will be up on the website soon.

Monday it starts all over again. Let’s see if I can keep this up for more than one week.

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