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Tank and New Images


Image A

Last weekend was a beautiful weekend, somewhat moderate temperatures and low humidity.  I said to Clif when he got home from work on Friday – “don’t you wish we could blow off everything we have planned for tomorrow and just go four wheeling?’   And so we did.  Well there were some things we couldn’t blow off but we did get a couple hours in and I got one really nice photograph.  I created two images from the one photograph and I’m conflicted about which one I like best.  It is a cardinal rule in photography to never split the photograph in half with something like a shoreline or a horizon.  Either you are taking a photograph of what is below or you are taking a picture of what is above.  So I have two, one above and one below.  Let me know in the comments which one you like best.  They are not named yet (name suggestions welcomed as well) so I will just call them A and B.  We didn’t get far so I don’t have much of a trail report.  We visited Mint Springs Valley Park in Crozet and went down Fox Mountain Road (bumpy but not real challenging).


Image B

I also spent some time with old photographs.  I’m not sure where this image was taken.  I know that it was taken in 2012 on our trip to North Carolina and Tennessee.  This image- “View from the Valley” will debut in a couple weeks at the Blowing Rock Art in the Park on August 15.  It will replace “Mountains Majestic” in the booth.  I will still have “Mountains Majestic” as a backup so if you had your eye on it I will still have it with me at the show.  Both “Mountains Majestic” and “View from the Valley” are available to be ordered online through my website on the Panoramas page.  And remember if you order by Friday Aug. 7 for pickup at the Blowing Rock show in August you will receive a 10% discount.  Just let me know when you order that it is for pickup and I will refund your 10% and the shipping charge.


View from the Valley

And some of you are saying, “But what about the cat introductions?”  I’m going to skip Sarge (the gentle giant) and Gracie (the diva) for now and talk about Tank (the brat).  Tank is my boy, my shadow, and I am the only one who is allowed to call him a brat.  I once changed vets because the vet called him a bully.  But, he is a brat and occasionally a bully although now that Sarge and Gracie are bigger than he is and he has gotten up in years he rarely gets away with being a bully anymore.  He is still a brat.  At least a couple mornings a week we must have what I call “the yelling”.  I try my best not to yell at him because he is my favorite but somewhere along the line Tank has gotten the idea that negative attention is better than no attention at all.  I will be busy working in the office and Tank will do something like knock over the trashcan.  I will go and right the trashcan, tell him no calmly, and go back to work.  A couple minutes later, there goes the trashcan again.  I’ve gotten up to five times now but the frustration will eventually get to me and I will go in and yell “TANK QUIT IT”.  At which point he will go into the office and go to sleep in his bed, his job done for the day.  He has other tricks too, like knocking things off the counter, getting into cupboards, and there is a reason there is a heavy paint can on the vent in the bathroom floor.

He has his good qualities too.  He is the official greeter of any guests.  Most people we know think we are lying when we say we have five cats.   Upon any opening of the front door Gracie will disappear under the couch, Sarge will head for a hiding place in the office, and I have no idea where the eepers (Braveheart and Little Foot) go but no guest with the exception of my friend Brett has ever seen them.  He is my shadow and where ever I am, he is there.


Tank in the tower.


Tank showing off his spotted belly,


As a final note – if you are allergic to cats and are concerned about ordering from me, all printing, framing, and storage is done in a room that is off limits to cats.

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