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Motivation and Grief

May 15, 2020

I was noticing the other morning that I had zero motivation and I thought back to the last time I had felt that way.  It was when I moved from Florida to Virginia to join my husband who had been in Virginia already for five months.  I was looking forward to the move.  I missed my husband.  But when I got here, everything seemed a chore.  I called a good friend and she said nonchalantly “Do ya think you might be grieving?”  Hmm, maybe.  Everything was good, it was a good move, but still some things were lost.

So I asked myself that question the other morning.  And yes, although I am grateful that I am not hurting like many are, there are many things I am missing.  I’m especially missing doing art festivals.  I miss selling my work.  I miss seeing my artist friends.  I miss having conversations with potential buyers.

So I’m doing what another friend told me 10 years ago after the move which is to change my language.  Instead of saying “I have to”, I’m saying “I get to”.  I get to work in the yard.  I get to be more creative with cooking dinner.  And I still get to go out and take photographs.

I hope there is something in your life that instead of having to do, you get to do.

Below are my most recent image and also a picture of the landscaping I’ve been doing.


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